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Lost & Found

If you have lost or found any items including articles of clothing, please contact the Club Manager to have it listed in this area.
 Please be sure to include all details when reporting items including contact information.


  • December at Proving Grounds - CFC black jacket with initials or name JOE. Contact
  • Saturday, 10/27 at YSC - CFC black Adidas hooded jacket with initials LSL. Size YM(?). Contact


  • Tuesday, 12/11 at Proving Grounds. Possibly at drop off area. - Black Spyder gloves. Contact
  • Thursday, 11/8 at Proving Grounds. Possibly at drop off area by main entrance or near bathrooms by Villanova field - Black size 5 Nike slide, right foot. Contact
  • Thursday, 10/25 at Proving Grounds - CFC Adidas black warmup jacket, initials CGS. Contact
  • Proving Grounds, Field 3 CFC Adidas black jacket, initials BEN. Size AS. Contact


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