Continental Football Club
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Policy Statements

Continental FC is a member of a select national group of Generation Adidas clubs and is also one of the premier clubs in Pennsylvania and the entire U.S. As such, it requires appropriate conduct from all members throughout the season.

We have worked hard to achieve this recognition and must continue to work hard to maintain and build upon it. In no small measure it is a reflection of the performance and spirit de corps, both on and off the playing field, of the three main components of our club: (1) Players, (2) Coaches; and, (3) Parents.

It is important for all CFC players, coaches, and parents to know what is expected of each in their respective roles and as representatives of CFC. The following CFC Policies outline these fundamental expectations and responsibilities.

Code of Conduct Policy - Players, Parents and Coaches

Financial Policies

Uniform Policy - Players

Uniform Policy - Coaches

Social Media Policy


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