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Continental FC IDA Street Soccer Program


The Continental FC IDA Street Soccer Program is designed to recreate, as much as possible, the player environments in which the world's greatest players first learned and developed the skills they needed for top-level performance.

To accomplish this, the program incorporates the competitive values and best features of youth soccer played in parks, playgrounds and streets around the world into an organized environment. This encourages the participant to gain knowledge, create and problem solve on the field while having a fantastic time.

This environment will provide opportunities for the following:

• Large amounts of time and touches on the ball for individual possession

• Attempting new skills without the fear of being wrong or limiting creativity

• Taking players on and challenging defenders to understand transition

• Little to no pressure from families, coaches and the spectating community

• A fun, creative and exciting atmosphere

The player has control to re-evaluate the game day format from their perspective. This gives the players more ownership of the game and provides a platform to thrive!


The IDA Street Soccer Program offers additional benefits below that complement the training format.

Preparation & Set Up

Game formats are flexible and easy to accommodate players, despite numbers in attendance. Game situations will change each week to challenge players to see how they think in different environments.


Players will be slotted into teams in advance to help balance rosters and allow them to learn from playing with and against different players. No player will be left behind with playing time due to the varied formats.


If a team has more than 4 players, substitutes will be implemented on a rotational basis in each game.

Game Duration & No Referee

Games will be played for 12 minutes with no referee. With no referee, the players collaborate with each other and learn to take more responsibility for their own actions and decisions. 

Wins vs. Losses

Competition is natural within everyday life. Young players need guidance on how to deal with success, failure, winning and losing. We want to teach our children to be competitive with a desire to win yet understand how to deal with disappointment. For this growth to take place, there will be a competitive side to the program. Each game, players will be awarded 3 points when their team wins. Players will be on different teams each game. After the 4 games are completed, the player(s) with the most points will be declared the overall winner(s). There will be no “prize” for the winners. However; the winners will be announced on Facebook each week.

Playing Time

All players (that arrive on time) will play 4 games each week with minimum down time under different game conditions. Breaks will take place when there is a player substitution, game score recording and to organize the next game. All players provide their own fluids and hydration that will be placed at the hydration station. Scores and announcements will be made from this location so everyone can refresh.

Relationship to Training

The 4 v 4 game format is a focal point of the coaches’ homework as shared in game evaluations and progress reports. Training and games allow players to routinely show initiative, take players on, showcase their tricks and make their own decisions. This stimulates growth and development and opens creativity. Players at this age, are impressionable needing time and encouragement to build the skills they will use for years to come.


The Continental FC IDA Street Soccer program is an exciting program with the intention to foster creativity and optimize the 'window of opportunity' that exists for skill development. It provides a platform to progress to the 11 v 11 game. Careful planning and consideration has been taken to create a playing environment conducive to a player's growth and development. Great players around the globe crafted their talents in similar fun, vibrant and challenging settings.  


DATES: APRIL 6,13,20,27, May 4 and 11, 2018

Ages and Times:  U8-10       Time 5:30-6:30 PM

                               U11-U12  Time 6:30-7:30 PM

Locations: The Proving Grounds are located at: 725 Conshohocken Rd, Conshohocken, PA 19428 

                   Caln Park West is located at: 1742 E Kings Hwy, Coatesville, PA 19320

Cost: $50 Per player